Sickening state of Ruring’u stadium in Nyeri


It is the pride of Mt Kenya region and though it has a historical tale, Ruring’u Stadium in Nyeri is in a very aghast state.

It is the biggest stadium in this region but it is state now is sickening. Little has changed since it was established by the colonial government in 1930s.

And now it is raining and sports going on there, the sprinter are forced to nudge mud and run through flooded tracks.

Ruring’u Stadium is in terrible state. [Photo: Courtesy]
During the 2017 polls campaigns, President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to have the stadium turned into an international one within six months. Nothing conspicuous has happened there.

“Ruring’u is the biggest stadium in Mt Kenya region”

It was to be upgraded at a cost of Sh320 million and expected to host around 20, 000 people when complete.

Sportswomen racing through mud in Ruring’u Stadium. [Photo: Courtesy]
Only a perimeter wall has been erected by the Nyeri County government at a cost of Sh19 million.

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Funan Construction Company was tendered to undertake the upgrade and though has been paid Sh64 million, they have abandoned the work.

Promise was made to upgrade the stadium in 2017. [Photo: Courtesy]
Contractor abandoned the stadium. [Photo: Courtesy]


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