Shofco staff.

Shining Hope for Communities (Shofco) has fired 200 staff on unpaid leave at a time Kenyans are struggling with Coronavirus pandemic.

Shofco is supporte by over 50 sponsors among them MPesa Foundation, Isuzu, Huawei, Rockefeller foundation, Safaricom Foundation, the school fund among others.

Employees sent home said it is unclear why the management sacked them yet the organisation is broke. It has received a humanitarian prize of Sh500 million while also Coca-Cola last month issued them with 10 million to fight corona in the slums.

Shofco CEO Kennedy Odede

They also argue that the organization CEO Kennedy Odede and his finance manager told fired staffs that they have set aside Sh5 million for them to take a loan during this pandemic.

They also said that the organisation has been receiving a lot of donations from partners such as MPesa Foundation, Isuzu, Huawei, Rockefeller foundation, Safaricom Foundation, the school fund among others.

“Odede cant claim that the organization is broke, he wants to earn interests from the loans that we staffs will take,” they said.

Earlier he fired some health staffs he accused of stealing medicine but external audit revealed nothing was stolen.

The agitated staff now have threatened to write to the ministry of Labour, Trade union while also airing their mistreatment online and exposing inside jobs to the media.

They received an email instructing them to clear with human resource office.

Recently Shofco received about Sh50 million from Hilton Humanitarian to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The staffs are wondering why the organisation is sending home medical staffs when they are greatly needed to help in the fight against coronavirus.

In a letter, the company states that they have set aside a total of Sh5 million where staffs can take a loan to sustain their lifestyle.

Sources who sought anonymity state that Odede and his team are only using the pandemic as a way to fire the staffs.

They further argue that the staffs are hurriedly requested to have cleared with the management also noting that those whose jobs have been spared will take a salary cut of 20% unless earning below 40,000.

To mitigate the effect,the letter state that the organisation will pay 50% of the salary for the next two month while also continuing the payment of health insurance, NSSF as well as NHIF.

Those who are requested to sign the agreement form with the Human resource department have now protested the move calling for the union to intervene as well as the head of state.

“We expected to get a notice earlier, but now they want us to sign the agreement form, we would like to call the national government to intervene as well as the labour union,” source said.

Employees are planning to hold a demonstration and bring the matter to the limelight.


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