Nairobi City backstreets are an eyesore. Soggy, stinking, muddy and impassable but for weeks City Hall has turned a blind eye on the situation.

Raw sewage is flowing along lanes Kimathi Street, Tom Mboya, Mfangano and downtown where matatu operators and business operators frequent. They pay county levies as others do but are left to deal with the messy situation.

People hopping from one stone to another in the city’s backstreets. [Photo: Courtesy]
While county government has allocated Sh30 million to plant trees, flowers and paint stones along the city’s busy roads in this year, the backstreets have been abandoned.

Motorists struggling to drive through the backstreets. [Photo: Courtesy]
They have since become the dumping grounds. And remember these are areas the city county assembly passed a motion to have them rehabilitate and lit to relocate hawkers there.

Makeshift platforms to cross the raw sewage. [Photo: Courtesy]
The backstreets are muddy and soggy. [Photo: Courtesy]


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