Sex for grades scandal emerge at Mount Kenya University

Mount Kenya University.

Some lecturers at the privately-owned Mount Kenya University (MKU) have been accused of demanding sex from female students who have failed in their exams.

MKU is owned by Prof Simon Gicharu who is he Chairman of the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation and is also Chairman National Private Universities Owners Association of Kenya.

The university is one of the fast-rising privately-owned institutions of education but now it is mired in sex scandal.

Conversation between female student and MKU lecturer.

On Twitter students shared a conversation between a lecturer and female student who sought details about her missing marks but lecturer asks sex from her to sort out her issue.

“See you at five thirty tomorrow in my office, keep time” he instructed her.

adding; “Just do as I instructed you get your marks. Remember am a part time lecturer finding me you sit for another CAT isn’t easy”.

Then a later message he told her; “Lets meet tomorrow at my office six when everyone is at home. You have to sleep my place if at all you need me to give higher marks”.


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