Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura (Left) claims it was in (r9ght) photo in 1986.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has shared a TBT photo he claims it was him addressing friends 33 years ago but the same photo appearing on foreign media houses’ stories has been disputed.

The image has an Albino boy speaking to six children. The same photo was used by the German state media Deutsche Welle (DW) on a story on Albinos in Zambia in 2017.

Mwaura uploaded it on Facebook this morning saying; “I started addressing a political gathering at the age of 4 years. A great #TBT 🤣 in 1986 at Githunguri, Kiambu County”.

The disputed photo that Senator Mwaura claims it was him in 1986.

His followers reacted differently, disputing his claims and even tagging him the Zambian story.

Andrew Muriithi “stop lying, that soil betrays you. Ruiru is red soil”.

Wiki Mosh Nyagowa Lakini watu ni werevu hapa Kenya kumbe,eti u can’t lie in social media? But anyway that’s the only proof that people on the ground are more intelligent than the politicians who dupped us as an idiots”.

Senator Mwaura’s disputed TBT appeared on German media in 2017.

Kipng’etich Underscore Laban “Mhesh,are you admitting that this is not your photo in 1986? Because it’s high definition and by then such photos were non existent”

He insisted it was indeed him and that he is aware the photo has been used by international media houses.

“God has been so faithful, I have seen this photo being used by international media houses over the years” Senator Mwaura defended his post.

The question now is; “Is Senator Mwaura lying?”


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