Senate to debate if to rename Murang’a University after Matiba

Murang'a University of Technology to be renamed after late Kenneth Matiba (Right). [Photo: Courtesy]

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has tabled notice of motion for the senate to discuss and okay renaming of Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) after late veteran politician and businessman Kenneth Matiba.

In his motion, Mwaura is requesting Senators to urge government to rename MUT to Kenneth Matiba University of Technology (KMUT).

“Matiba died a patriotic and political hero, with numerous achievements spanning four decades. The senate urges the national government in remembrance of Matiba’s contribution to rename MUT to KMUT” Mwaura says.

Senator Isaac Mwaura’s notice of motion.

Matiba was the first Kenyan PS for Education in 1963. He also served as Cabinet Minister for Health; Culture and Social Services; Transport and Communications, Kiharu MP, PS for Commerce and Chairperson for the Kenya Football Federation.

Matiba passed on in April last year. In May Murang’a County Government established a hospital at Kenol town and named it Kenneth Matiba Eye and Dental Hospital.

Mwaura says under the Heroes Act, 2014 the state is obliged to confer recognition to the late statesman for his cardinal contributions to the political and economic growth of this country.

Kenneth Matiba Eye and Dental Hospital at Kenol, Murang’a. [Photo: Courtesy]
“Matiba lost his vast wealth, was detained and suffered I’ll health that he eventually succumbed to, due to his political beliefs. He paid the ultimate price. The Hero’s act needs to be put into motion. We need to honour our true heroes and not the latter day pretenders and masqueraders” he says.



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