Cooperative Bank CEO Gideon Muriuki. {photo: Courtesy]

Members of Sowesava Self-group have embarked on another battle with Cooperative Bank boss Gideon Muriuki over a multi-million land at Donholm, Nairobi.

Muriuki and the group from Soweto Savannah slums have been tussling over the land measuring about 12 acres valued at Sh944 million. The group says they have owned it since 1998 while Muriuki through Gidjoy Investment claims it is his.

Gidjoy is owned by Muriuki and his wife. Sowesava members were in process of getting title deeds when Muriuki, the billionaire from Murang’a County claimed ownership and facilitated the flattening of temporary houses on the parcel of the land.

The contentious Donholm land.

Members now asking for media assistance in their fresh battle and they also plan to go to the streets and voice their cries so that government, courts and Kenyans will hear their pleas.

“We tried to hit the streets but we were thwarted and media was cowed to side with Muriuki. This time round we want to make this messy so that our pleas can be listened to” they told Gikuyu Bulletin.

Their plans are to even appear where Muriuki attends Church and even his posh home so that the message can go far and wide.

“Muriuki is using police from Buruburu and Muthaiga Police Stations to silence us. We want Chief Justice David Maraga to have this matter looked into fairly and expeditiously. We have documents to challenge the banker in court” Johnson Munala, a leader of the group said.

Sowesava Self-group members battling over the land with billionaire Muriuki.

The group is led by former Kaloleni Chief Alexander Hoops.

John Kihenjo, a leader of the group said they pulled down a wall Muriuki erected and they are confident to challenge him in all spheres.

“Let this story reach Kenyans. We want it to spiral out and see whose reputation will be damaged. We will do it at his church, members club and workplace. We are tired of this confrontation because we want to develop the land soonest” he told Gikuyu Bulletin.


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