President Uhuru Kenyatta arriving at Sagana State Lodge. [Photo: Courtesy]

Spies sneaked into President Uhuru Kenyatta’s meeting at Sagana State Lodge and they recorded part of his address to Mt Kenya leaders and businesspeople.

All leaders from MCAs, youth leaders to Governors were invited to the secret meeting that he addressed in vernacular.

Media were not allowed in and those in attendance were not permitted to get in with phones, rings, electronic gadgets and watches. (Clip 1 below).

However, some spies sneaked recordings and captured part of his speech. From the clips, a Kikuyu is heard translating to a non-Kikuyu what Uhuru was saying.

The clips were subsequently shared by Dennis Itumbi who worked in digital desk Office of President before he shifted to Deputy President William Ruto’s office. (Clip 2 below).

Itumbi stated; “Sagana Transcripts (For the record) Presidential talking points. Full Audio in three Parts. (For those who know Kikuyu) Listen and then go to all updates on Sagana and decide who to completely ignore next time. Lies have a very short shelf life!”. (Clip 3 below).


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