Scenic Kangema highlands


A picturesque view of ridges greets you when you reach Karurumo village which is the upper side of Kangema Constituency in Murang’a.

This village lies on the highlands of Kangema and it borders the Aberdares Forest. Chilly area but charming to visit and watch the horizons of green canopies.

The ridges in Karurumo facing the Aberdares Forest are scenic. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]
It is a tea zone and one of the conspicuous tea farm belongs to the late Minister and Area MP John Michuki.

Silence below the valleys where rivers flow undisturbed. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]
Gentle, cool and fresh wind gives a soothing feeling. Wildlife and especially elephants stray to say “Hallo” to residents and have a taste of the delicious things they have planted.

Karurumo village is hidden below green canopies and tea fields. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]
Though it is a rough ride from Kangema to this place, the environment is fascinating. The valleys and rivers are wonderful as well the residents.

Karurumo residents are largely tea farmers. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]


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