Thug posing as garbage collector is spotted displaying pistol

The thug posing as garbage collector. [Photo: Courtesy]

Undercover cops known to use Facebook in their fight against crime have shared a scaring photo of a suspected Nairobi gangster tucking pistol in his pants while posing as a garbage collector at work.

The man they claim is part of dangerous gun-toting thugs who retreat to the dumpsite, hide their weapons there and use garbage collection work as cover-up. The gang is active in areas of Dandora, Kariobangi and Mathare.

The unidentified suspected thug is seen going about his work unperturbed the firearm is conspicuous. The photo was likely taken by an undercover police officer or a brave informer.

The thug displaying the gun but masquerading as garbage collector. [Photo: courtesy]
In April 2017 police gunned down a notorious thug in Kayole who posed as a garbage collector at Dandora Dumpsite. A pistol was recovered from him. Sections of residents incited by activists protested his killing claiming he was innocent.

Thug who posed as garbage collector was killed in kayole in 2017. [Photo: courtesy]


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