Sammy Irungu have you seen Githae lately? learn from his blunders

Gospel singers Sammy Irungu (left) and Ben Githae.

As Kenya headed to 2017 polls, gospel singer Ben Githae had an enviable, illustrious career. He was a national figure and formidable force in Jubilee campaigns.

He made good money from songs he composed praising the now ineffective government but that is not what messed up his career. It is his outburst that followed his scandal with a mpango wa kando who bore him twins.

Many have been in such situation Githae was in but he failed to control anger and waged blanket war on men. He composed a song attacking them. “Atumia Maracigua Na Arume” song also called “Mehemehe”. They (male fans) shunned him and consequently, section of women followed suit. Now he remains with an “empty space’.

Musician Sammy Irungu.

It same situation you are in. Yes, that Pastor’s wife pushed you to the wall but you had option of terminating the call before your pent up emotions burst. Insults like “Maraya”, “Ngui” and “Motherf***Ker” will not fade that easily.

Perhaps you are planning to make amends or decide ama ni mbaya ni mbaya. But peep into Githae’s situation now. He is moneyed but has lost fans’ support. (Audio clip below).

Sammy Irungu Really!!!

Kikuyu Gospel singer Sammy Irungu in a fierce exchange of words on phone with unknown lady over a church deal he failed to honour.Pushed to the wall, Irungu (recorded) is heard using words like “Maraya”, ‘Magui”, “Motherf***ker”. Waaa!!!!!

Posted by Gikuyu Bulletin on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

He spends his free time at Homeland and Blue Springs but fans and revelers avoid him like a plague. He looks lonely and instead of reconciling with the past, he remains unapologetic, shadowboxing.

Sammy you are young and on the path to success. Fame comes with obvious pride but don’t let that eclipse you and take Githae’s path. Nowadays has been snubbed by promoters and only features in other artists’ shows.

Singer Ben Githae with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto in the days he was a popular artist.

Fellow artists will say they stand with you as pertaining that phone exchange but they know you have put your career in jeopardy. Fans will stand by you on social media but a majority are the ones who will not come to your show even if it is next to their homes.

Move quickly and correct the situation. Besides praising you need to earn a living and your wherewithal lies not in the hands of people now silently watching your moves. Final, critical decision is yours.


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