Neo Kenya Mpya buses along Thika Superhighway. [Photo: Courtesy]

Neo Kenya Mpya management will take responsibility of their wayward driver who crashed a woman leg at Kahawa Sukari on Wednesday morning but they have disputed eyewitnesses report on the culpable vehicle.

Witness who took traumatising photos of the victim in pain as she was being taken to hospital also photographed the bus KCN 587S he claimed hit her as driver run from traffic cops but the management claim bus involved is a KCQ 030B, which no photo is available even though the sacco claims it has been grounded.

“The bus involved KCQ 030B has been sanctioned and grounded. Matter has been reported to the Kahawa Sukari Police under OB14/3/2019 reported at 0910 hours” the management said in a statement.

Woman hit and severely injured by Neo Kenya Mpya bus at Kahawa Sukari on Wednesday.

The victim’s leg has since been amputated as angry Kenyans plan to boycott the Thika-Nairobi bound buses notorious for accidents, speeding and rude crews.

The matatu sacco management was however quiet on action if any taken on the driver or his whereabouts yet he should be in police custody awaiting to be arraigned in court. The purported ‘untouchable’ matatus are reportedly owned by a family from Kirinyaga county.

The Neo Kenya Mpya bus said to have crashed the lady but management claims a different bus was involved.

They said they will cater for her treatment and compensation through the Directline Insurance Company.

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“We wish to have her situation lightened as much as possible from the burden that will arise in her life even though we accept that indeed we are the cause for a tough period in her life” they said.


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