Sabina: Crying in public is not childish, even Ruto did it

I cried because of motherly love and also I am human-Sabina

Sabina Chege crying during the Embrace rally in Murang'a recently.

Murang’a Women Rep Sabina Chege has defended her crying in public during the “Embrace” rally in Murang’a on June 14, saying it is not being childish.

She responded to a supporter who told her on TV that her crying openly portrayed girl child as weakling. Sabina countered her saying women should not judge themselves harshly.

A crying Sabina Chege being comforted by fellow women leaders in Murang’a.

“The Deputy President William Ruto cried in public. Did you say that is being childish? Why we the girl child judge ourselves harshly” she said during NTV’s “The Wicked Edition”.

She continued; “Crying is a sign of inward strength and not weakness. I cried because I am human and also I am not the first person to cry in public”.

Deputy President William Ruto cried in Church in 2013.

Ruto in March 2013 while addressing faithful at Faith Evangelistic Ministry in Karen after they won the presidential election got emotional and wept as his wife Rachel comforted him.

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The Maitu wa County claimed she shed tears out of motherly love and seeing people “go astray”.


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