Leaflets allegedly doing round in Kihuri village, Othaya carry threats of burning home of Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helicopter Ministries in Nairobi that his home over a dogs theft case he has against area assistant Chief.

The leaflets also warned that Wahome’s children would be kicked out of school and his elderly mother banned from getting pesa ya wazee and doing shopping around.

“No shop will be allowed to sell you any goods. You will forget Kihuri or we mobilise people to take serious action. You must obey and follow without option,” the leaflet read.

Kiandemi Assistant Chief Paul Gachiri Wageni charged with theft of Terrier Breed of dog (Right). [Photo: Courtesy]
Wahome accused Kiandemi Assistant Chief Paul Gachiri Wageni of stealing his two Terrier breed from South Africa worth Sh300, 000.

his mother will be denied pesa ya wazee and barred from doing shopping there.

Wahome said he bought them in December 2014 in Tanzania and were stolen in 2016 but the 55-year-old administrator claimed he bought them from Wahome’s mother, each at Sh200.

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He was released on a Sh200, 000 bond with an alternative Sh100,000 cash bail and the case will be heard on July 1.

Othaya Criminal Investigations Officer Francis Ngachila said they received complaints from the Bishop though no other leaflets have been spotted apart from the ones Wahome gave police.


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