Reformed gospel artist promises to keep off pombe

Gospel Musician Peter Mungai before rehabilitation commenced.

Popular gospel musician of the yesteryears Peter Mungai says he has recovered from alcoholism and is optimistic he is not staggering back to such ruinous indulgences.

Mungai of the 1990s hit song “Wara wa Ngoma”  (Satan’s tricks) is recovering at Eden Halfway House Rehab in Nairobi after he was rescued from abyss of alcoholism last year. He was wasting away in drinking dens, his mother ill and younger siblings bearing burden taking care of him.

His fame faded, then was involved in road accident on January 14, 2017 that shattered his world. Jobless, on crutches, a metal rod in his leg and depleted family Mungai gave up on life.

Musician Peter Mungai after he was involved in road accident in January 2017. [Photo: Courtesy]
But now he says; “I have recovered and ready to go home. My sanity and memories are back and I will not take alcohol anymore. I want to assist others addicted to drunkenness. The evils I fought with my songs trounced me decades later, I started drinking, committing sins I detested. Were it not for God’s mercies I would be dead”.

He was staunch member of  Banana Full Gospel Church but pombe snatched him from Kanisani

He did other popular songs like “Mundu Etiaga Naki”, “Ngagikena Atia” and “Githuki Ni Kigethuku” but misery plagued him that he lost hope and sought solace from ndugugio.

The 47-years-old musician from Ndenderu, Kiambu County was a staunch member of Full Gospel Church in Banana area. He says he spent nights in the forests praying but when his life turned upside down he resorted to spending nights in bars drinking himself to misery.

Decades back when Peter Mungai was a popular singer.

Rehabilitated he is now hopeful once back on his feet he will began with shooting video for “Mathani Meru Ma Caitani” a song he produced over a decade ago but discs remain in his house.


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