Raila: Calling me witchdoctor won’t help you in any way

Raila Odinga.

Nasa leader and former Premier Raila Odinga has responded to Yule Mganga reference by a section of Jubilee leaders.

Raila has told his political nemesis that calling him names will not help them. He said it was time they stopped using derogatory language and be focused.

“I am not a witch doctor and I have never been one. Whether you abuse Raila using derogatory words or not, it will add no value to your political discourse,” Raila said.

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He was speaking in Migori where he told his opponents if they are interested in witchdoctors they can pay them a visit.

Raila Odinga addressing his followers at a past rally.

“Witch doctors are there in society. No one has been denied the chance to visit them. What is the farce about it?” Raila stated.


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