Rachel Michuki arrested in US for drunk driving, trying to bribe police

Rachel Michuki living in US. [Photo: Courtesy]

A Kenyan woman living in United States is out on a Sh870, 000 ($8,470) bond after she caused accident driving while drunk and subsequently attempting to bribe a police officer.

Rachel Michuki was arrested by Cobb County Police on Wednesday morning. She was carrying her daughter and mother. Daughter suffered a broken left collarbone after Ms Michuki crashed into another car.

The 41-year-old woman allegedly tried to bribe of the two cops who arrested her, telling him the other would not be in position to proceed with the arrest if he accepted to take money.

Cobb County Police she attempted to bribe after the accident. [Photo: Courtesy]
She was booked on charges of bribery, serious injury by vehicle, Driving Under the Influence and failure to yield.


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