Questions raised as Salim Young skips shows at the last minute

Salim Young

Is he overwhelmed by fame that he is now disregarding big gigs? This is the question posed after Salim Young disappointed fans on Friday night in Thika town.

Young was expected to perform at Klub Liquid Cash alongside musicians Mutungo, Shiku Baibe, Mburu wa Gatanga and Dr. Kiragu. The club is one of the most popular in Thika.

He however came late and drunk that he did not even perform. Last week he also failed to show up at Club SGR 125 in Lang’ata even after he agreed to perform there.

Past show at Klub Liquid Cash in Thika (left) and the club’s apology after Salim Young failed to perform last weekend (right). [Photo: Courtesy]
In Thika he arrived on Saturday morning at around 3am when some fans had left and club management had given up. We learnt that his behaviours lately have disturbed his fellow musicians.

“Mlituangusha..nmetoka nai then show inafail.. Wat a disgrace”-A fan

“Before he became popular in September last year Young was begging for shows but now he is treating such shows with pride yet seasoned, popular singers are looking for such shows. He is overwhelmed by fame” a fellow musician hinted.

The club management was forced to apologise to their customers. They promised not to let such disappointment again. Rumours has it they may stop inviting Young.

Young had performed earlier in Klub Liquid Cash, in December 7 last year and August alongside her sister Sarafina Salim and other popular singers.

Disappointed revelers expressed their displeasure on the club’s Facebook page. Here are some posts;

Edward Thuo You really disappointed us.

Mary Kaiba Was there but went home disappointed

John K Sautirhumba How do someone appear late at job

PatrickNjihia Wa GP Look another artist sio uyo pekee anaeza perform

Carol Jonny Acereirwo kù nake?i felt bad!!!

Carrasco Karash Mlituangusha..nmetoka nai then show inafail.. Wat a disgrace

Maria Ben Nilifeel vibaya walai……..sisemi kitu

Esther Loise Ka Wanjiku Sema venye tuliboeka


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