Police unmasks a Juja pub hosting killer thugs

The club said to accomodate thugs with management's knowledge. [Photo: Courtesy]

A pub at Kareme area, Juja town is on police radar after it was established the gangsters terrorising and killing residents wide up their day there.

Undercover crime busters under the code name Hesy wa Dandora claim that the Pub next to Thika Superhighway is the thugs’ base with full knowledge of management that allow them.

The gang is linked with the murder of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology student identified as Tabitha Muthoni who was stabbed in the neck to death by thugs robbing her and friend phones near Juja town on Thursday night.

Inside the Juja club said to host thugs. [Photo: Courtesy]
Hesy accused the club management for having failed to prevent gangsters from accessing it with weapons, before and after committing crime. They hang out there mostly during reggae shows.

“It is the place dagger-wielding gangsters go for binging. Bouncers let them in even when they are armed, so we’ll have to camp there and face off with them” Hesy said.

He said the undercover cops will keep eye on the club and will not hesitate to exterminate the thugs.


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