The stolen money was in transit from G4S headquarters to Nairobi West.

Men masquerading as police officers made away with Sh72 million on transit in Nairobi belonging to Standard Chartered Bank, Nairobi West Branch.

The money was being transported by the G4S from their headquarters in Industrial Area to Nairobi West.

According to the G4S personnel who were in the company of the three suspects, they had collected the money from Industrial Area as the thugs posed as security.

Detectives investigating money theft involving G4S in the past. Today Sh72 million were stolen from their custody.

When they reached Nairobi West, the impostors demanded the money and also asked for the bank’s ATM access code, opened it and took the money that had remained there.

They fled with the money packed in 13 bags. Detectives pursuing the matter say it was an inside job.


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