Pastor Munene praises his trending ‘twa twa’ wife


After a video clip of Pastor Susan Munene advising married couples to enjoy sex even in the oddest places emerged yesterday and started trending. Now her husband has come out praising her.

Pastor Susan of Overcomes Hope Ministries in Kasarani, Nairobi has been trending on social media. The humorous part that caught Kenyans attention is where she reveals;

“Us we can have sex anywhere. Kwa gari twat wa, kitchen twat wa. Everywhere”. (Video Below)

Her and husband (a Pastor) do twa, twa, twa hata kwa gari. Wololo😁😁🙈🙈🙈.

Posted by Gikuyu Bulletin on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Kenyans made memes and remixed the clip while others came up with “twat wa” songs. It has been acclaimed and criticised in equal measure.

Her husband Pastor Joseph Munene took to social media to extol her courage which has raised mixed reactions.

The couple. Both are pastors.

“Thank you my dear wife for allowing God to use you in your generation to heal marriages. You have my blessings and support. I love you” Munene wrote.

Pastor Susan was addressing couples at a seminar recently. The clip was shared on social media by those in attendance.

Overcomes Hope Ministries in Kasarani belonging to Pastor Joseph Munene and his wife Pastor Susan.


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