Panic buying as Kenya confirms Coronavirus case

Panicked Kenyans flocking to supermarkets to buy household items. [Photo: Courtesy]

Sections of Kenyans have embarked on buying food items and other necessities few hours after Kenyan government confirmed the first case of Coronavirus infection.

The virus was confirmed on a 27-year-old female student who jetted into the country from USA and passed through London.

The fear is that like other affected nations, some items will be hard to access if it spreads rapidly and businesses are closed, streets abandoned.

High-end people are the most people buying in preparation for self-quarantine. [Photo: Courtesy]
Most of shopping is happening in high-end neighbourhoods. An example being Shoprite Supermarket in Karen, Nairobi which is now flooded with customers. Here residents plan to embrace self-quarantine.

confirmed case is a student who jetted into Kenya from abroad.

Items on the top list of these buyers are sanitisers, Dettols, food and tissue papers.

Food, tissue papers and sanitisers top the list of items being bought. [Photo: Courtesy]
The virus which exploded in China’s Wuhan City has killed 4,600 lives with over 126,000 people infected globally.


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