Panic as terrorists-related graffiti is spotted on car in Nyeri

Van spotted in Nyeri with graffiti similar with that Riverside Terror attackers had on their car (on the right)

Is it just another graffiti enthusiast or a car owner who should be investigated by police? This is the question Nyeri people are asking after they spotted a familiar graffiti on a van doing rounds there.

The skull head with gas mask graffiti on a Toyota Noah seen in Nyeri Town is exactly the same that was painted on Toyota Ractis used by the terrorists who attacked Riverside Drive in Nairobi on January 15, killing 15 people.

In addition is a conspicuous slogan on the van that reads; “Dead men tell no tales”, fuelling speculations these are not just normal paintings on the vehicle.

The suspicious van parked outside Nyeri Post Office. [Photo: Courtesy]
On Wednesday the van driver, a Somali man in company of three others parked outside Nyeri Post Office and hawked-eyed residents spotted the painting that evokes sad memories.

Now residents want the motorist and his colleagues interrogated and what the graffiti entails be revealed now that it has been associated with terrorists.


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