Order ni kuangalia mbele in this Murang’a matatu

Directive on MTN matatu sacco. [Photo: Courtesy]

Naturally when you seat next to a drive it is expected you keep a hearty conversation with him/her on various issues.

And for those who don’t know how to drive, the front seat offers an opportunity to understand how it is done.

What if you board a matatu and find instruction that you should stare in front and don’t bother the driver? This is the case in one of Murang’a-Thika-Nairobi sacco matatu. See what this commuter went through in it.

James Mwangi When I boarded this MTN sacco Matatu (KCL 409Q) and read this instruction I journeyed from Nairobi to Murang’a Town nikiangalia “Mbere” kama taa ya nduthi.


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