Nyeri student arrested with suspicious gadget strapped on his body

The student arrested with unidentified gadget police claim is an explosive.

A student from Nyeri National Polytechnic has been arrested and handed over to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Anti-Terror Police Unit for further interrogation after he was arrested with suspicious explosive-like gadgets fastened on his body.

He caused a bomb scare when he was seized near Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. He was wearing what looks like broken microprocessor with cords around it and a radio speaker. He fastened it around his stomach, chest and waist.

The yet to be identified man insisted they were muscle-toners meant to strengthen and firm his abdominal muscles but police did not buy his claim, suspecting he had ill motives. They claim bomb experts have dismantled it.

It is unclear what the contraption is, purpose, what the man was up to and his mental state.


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