President of Atheists in Kenya Harrison Mumia and DP William Ruto.

Atheists, the people who do not believe in existence of God or Satan have members in Kenya who now want Deputy President William Ruto to donate to their activities.

They want Ruto to associate with them and fund their mission as he does with Christians and Muslims.

President of Atheist in Kenya Society Harrison Mumia has written to Ruto asking him to grace their event on September 14 at Metro Hotel in Nairobi.

DP William Ruto donating money to Church in a past event.

“We ask Ruto to support us by way of donation so that our society can have funds to carry out its activities. We hold monthly events and we would appreciate his presence. Our mission is to promote the growth and interaction of atheists in Kenya” Mumia said.

They challenged Deputy President to associate with them saying; “We know that Ruto understands that as a country we have diverse beliefs. Let him embrace atheists as much as he does believers”.

Members of Atheist in Kenya Society. They want Ruto to fund their activities.


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