Njogu wa Njoroge (Left) and MP Ndindi Nyoro being arrested in Murang'a last year.

In September last year when Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro was arrested in Murang’a town shortly after Kameme TV’s live show “Nditimurano”, the host Njogu wa Njoroge made a statement that angered many people.

Lapel mic amplified Njogu’s voice as he said there was no way Nyoro would save himself from contingent of police officers surrounding the venue.

He admitted he knew police were coming for the pro-Ruto MP because they passed him on his way to Murang’a.

Njogu was seen as relishing on the arrest of Nyoro (Video Below). Some fans vowed to stop watching his breakfast show on Kameme TV.

This is the moment Njogu wa Njoroge is heard talking about Ndindi Nyoro while he was being arrested.A majority of those who heard Njogu's statement believe he betrayed the besieged MP.

Posted by Gikuyu Bulletin on Monday, September 9, 2019

But yesterday as he congratulated Nyoro for his constituency being voted best in use of Constituency Development Fund, Njogu revisited the last year’s incident albeit making joke of it.

He praised Nyoro thus; “Despite commanding a contingent of armed GSU officers and celebrating his arrest, I hereby today celebrate and congratulate Hon Ndindi Nyoro MP Kiharu. I have always believed in sound management of public funds”.

He continued; “Ndindi Nyoro, keep it up. Well done for leading in prudent use of CDF kitty”.


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