Word doing round is that popular radio presenter Njogu wa Njoroge is making a comeback to Kameme FM,  three years after he left for Gukena FM.

It is whispered that Njogu who had worked for Kameme for over 10 years before shifting to Radio Africa Group has signed a pact with his former employer but it has been kept discreet.

Njogu wa njoroge was offered a hefty package to leave Kenyatta-owned Kameme FM in 2016.

It is however not yet clear which post he will take at the MediaMax because the breakfast Arahuka show he hosted was taken over by Gatonye wa Mbugua and Muthee Kiengei.

“He is likely to get back his morning show. The move is to boost Kameme’s popularity. Remember recently there were claims that Gatonye and Kiengei were joining Inooro FM. There are some silent jostling” a source hinted.

Njogu’s previous Arahuka Show was taken over by Gatonye wa Mbugua and Muthee Kiengei.

The Kenyatta-owned leading station recently poached the Inooro FM’s popular duo; Mansaimo and Kata to take over the evening Humuka show on Kameme FM.

Njogu and Njoki wa Mburu left Kameme in late 2016 to run newly launched Gukena FM belonging to Radio Africa Group. They were offered a hefty salary.

Kameme move to repossess Njogu was executed swiftly because their closest competitor Inooro FM had offered him a pact to join them.

Mansaimo and Kata were poached by Kameme from Inooro FM recently.


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