Over 100 years old trees in Karura forest to go down to pave way for a sewer line

Over 100 years old trees in Karura forest to go down to pave way for a sewer line

There are concerns Karura forest is facing a huge damage with construction of a mega sewer project that is being undertaken by Athi Water Works and Development Agency.

The project will see the century old trees felled to allow the sewer line to serve Runda, Mimosa and Whispers estates.

Friends of Karura Forest (FKF) are worried about the project they fear will cause irreversible damage to ecosystem and destroy the lives of wildlife inside the 2,627 acres forest.

Members of FKF are mad with the Friends of Karura Forest Board led by Dr Winnie Kiiru for sanctioning the project that is reportedly being undertaken secretly.

Kenya Forest Service has supported the project. KFS Chief Conservator Julius Kamau has said the project will have minimal damages.

Friends of Karura board Community Association Board’s member Christina Boelecke who oversees projects in Karura is said to be the link with the Athi Water Board.

“Get in touch with the chief conservator of forests. His office is responsible for giving way leaf for sewer lines and other infrastructure through the forest estate. I am sure they will be happy to show you all the statutory documents,” Dr Winnie said when contacted.

Kamau said; “As per the Forest management act of 2016, we must give specialist licenses for roads, pipeline, railways and other public projects inside forests. We have with us the Environment Impact Assessment license,”.

He said KFS followed the law while granting permission for the project and that everything is above board and nothing like “collusion”.

FKF members have questioned why Athi Water insisted on running the line through Karura forest instead of looking for an alternative route.

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