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Cop dies in a car crash before he got sentenced to jail

A Free State police captain in Cape Town died in a car crash, hours before he should appear in court to be sentenced to jail. The crash, involving a truck and the cop’s car, is now under investigation. 

The 59-years old cop named Shadrack Lorole Motsoeneng, is convicted of 9 charges of rape and sexual assault, forgery, corruption, attempted extortion and deafening ends of justice. He was the former supervisor of the Family and Sexual Offences Unit of the Mafube Police Station where he committed the sexual offences back in 2020.

Motsoeneng was arrested by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID). As per the IPID spokesperson, Grace Langa, Motsoeneng asked if he could go to Vereeniging to buy Christmas clothes for his children. He was then allowed to leave with the permission of the IPID investigators. Motsoeneng’s case had to be closed on the same day. 

A 17-year old girl had gone to the police station to open a case against her rapist but Motsoeneng took advantage of the situation and raped the girl again instead of helping her. Aside from that, he further raped the 11-year old who was just accompanying the other complainant.

The teenagers let the incident happen in exchange for making sure that they receive justice for the rape case they initially wanted to open. After the suspect who raped the 17-year old girl was arrested, Motsoeneng then raped the girlfriend of the suspect. He told the girl that her boyfriend’s case will be dismissed if she sleeps with him.

However, after the incident, Motsoeneng kept demanding more so the girlfriend of the suspect then opened a case of rape and sexual assault against the police officer. IPID took over the case which led to the cop being sentenced to jail hours before the car crash happened.

The City of Cape Town opens an online public meeting to address the progress of District Six 

The City of Cape Town, a neighbourhood in Cape Town has issued an online invitation to anyone who is interested in hearing the progress of the future of District Six. 

Residents of The City of Cape Town have contributed over the past few months to the Public Realm Study for District Six. This is where 4 workshops have been held to visualise the public open spaces and streets that District Six would have to create an inclusive vibrant community.

In the online meeting, the City will share the progress that has been made in District Six. Those who will attend the meeting are encouraged to participate by commenting on the projects and giving feedback on the designs of the public open spaces in District Six.

The goal of the rebuilding of the grounds of District Six is to restore the rich heritage of the town and have an inclusive and vibrant community where residents will find a sense of belonging.

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