Ndindi Nyoro lookalike who is an engineer

MP Ndindi Nyoro (left) and his look alike Stephen Gachukia (Right).

A 29-year-old engineer has become the talk of town after it emerged he is Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro’s lookalike and some people even mistakes him for the MP.

Stephen Gachukia says some people even ask him if he is the twin brother of the outspoken legislator who was arrested by a battalion of police recently.

The orphan from Ndunyu ya Chege in Gatanga, Murang’a County is a 2016 graduate of Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree from Technical University of Kenya. He is a former student of Thika High School where he scored A- (Minus).

Stephen Gachukia who is Ndindi Nyoro’s lookalike.

He now lives at Kahawa West, Nairobi and is the Kahawa Farmers PCEA Youth Chairman, besides doing simple jobs to earn a living.

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“When people started talking about my likeness with Nyoro my friends advised me to pull down some of my photos on Facebook and avoid donning in suits not to be confused with Nyoro who police wanted and it was unclear what they wanted to do with him. I was scared” Gachukia says.

Stephen Gachukia resembles MP Ndindi Nyoro.

He says he lost his mother while he was very young, did not meet his father. Was brought up by grandparents and his education was catered for by well-wishers.

But though he is a lookalike of a prominent Kenyan, they are world apart. Whenever he gets a job opportunity and passes the requirements he is asked to part with something, forcing him to lose the opportunity.

Stephen Gachukia.

“To those who think I am related with Nyoro and even loaded, that is not the case. I am just like any other hustler in this country. It is only resemblance we share” Gachukia says.


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