Naughty Indians stalking Kameme TV anchor


Have you been a victim of some immoral Indians who prey on people on Facebook? If so you are not alone. Kameme TV breakfast show anchor Wangeci wa Kariuki is their latest victim.

They target women with all manner of lewd requests. Liking and commenting on their every post including past photos.

They ask for their nudes, send them photos of their private parts and pornographic materials.

Wangeci has grown tired of them stalking her and has decided to make public her woes which other women corroborated.

Wangeci wa Kariuki says she is tired of the Indian stalkers.

“What’s wrong with these Indian men ,kwani dont they have women there ama Shida Yao nini aii ,is there a way you can block them wote, ama wao pia ni locust. Bure kabisa” a fuming Wangeci said.

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“Yani they are all over ata ukiandika post ya kikuyu wako hapo..Pls Indian men find peace and love in your country embrace your B.B.I.s,Nganganeni na Shida zenyu .I dont even know how they get to know and follow people pages” she added.


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