Nairobi County workers will gun down stray dogs

A pack of dogs roaming a Nairobi estate. City Hall will use guns to eliminate such stray dogs. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]

There is an upsurge of stray dogs in Nairobi city and now the city county government is planning to eliminate them using guns.

City Hall has requested for guns and bullets from the Central Firearms Bureau to carry out mass killing of the man’s best friend.

The office of Nairobi County Commissioner will provide the marksmen to gun the dogs down. This was resolved during a meeting involving various sectors that was held last month at the commissioner’s office.

The county veterinary department that is supposed to carry out the elimination of stray dogs claims the capture and castration of male dogs will not work because of shortage of veterinary surgeons.  Poisoning will not be fully workable, thus choosing to shoot them dead.

The county is now procuring incinerators to dispose of the expected huge number of dogs to be shot dead or poisoned.


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