Musician Esther Wahome loses father to Cancer

Singer Esther Wahome lost her father William Wahome (Right) on Saturday.

Gospel singer Esther Wahome of Kuna Dawa hit song is mourning his father Evangelist William Wahome who succumbed to Cancer on Saturday.

The singer disclosed his death on social media saying he was diagnosed with Cancer this year.

“Yesterday, July 27, you were transferred to heaven immediately after I talked to you and held you for the last time and you handed over a different mantle to me. Though I know you are in heaven, the physical and emotional pain is too much,” the artist revealed.

Esther Wahome’s father Evangelist William Wahome who succumbed to Cancer.

She added; ““Even as you battled cancer this year (2019), I never heard you complain, all you said is God is a great and good,” the gospel artist said in praise of her father”.

And today she mourned him thus; “And though I know you are in a better place, the pain is unbearable… Though we have walked a painful journey this year as you battled cancer, I never heard you complain a single time!”.

Esther Wahome with her father. [Photo: Courtesy]


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