Gospel musician Elizabeth Nyambere.

Kikuyu gospel singer Elizabeth Nyambere has lost control of her Facebook page to some hackers.

From February 22, her verified page with 175, 000 followers has been running some funny videos, most of them having Asian actors.

So far about 132 videos have been uploaded on the page, leaving her followers wondering if she is the one behind it.

Nyambere has however revealed she is not the one posting the said videos. She admitted the page has been hacked and now she is helpless.

A screenshot of videos being uploaded on Nyambere’s Facebook page.

“Apana rafiki yangu, sio mmi naweka hizo videos. Imehakiwa imagine” Nyambere said in a text message.

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Nyambere is popular with hit songs Ni Muoyo Maita Igana (It’s life how many times), Mutumia Musamaria (Good Samaritan), Wairimu Thii Uhoro (Rest well Wairimu) and others.

The 2018 recipient of Head of States Commendation (HSC) has been ill, battling stomach complications.

In late 2019 top gospel secular Kikuyu musicians held a fundraiser for her treatment outside Kenya.


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