Ndaka-ini dam in Murang'a is the major source of water for Nairobi. [Photo: Courtesy]

About 80 percent of clean water used in Nairobi daily is sourced from Murang’a county but now the national government through Water and Sanitation Permanent Secretary Joseph Wairagu Irungu is forcing local to drink from boreholes.

Wairagu is doing rounds in Murang’a sinking boreholes even in areas adjacent to Ndaka-ini dam which is the major water supplier to Nairobi. Ndaka-ini dam has capacity of 70 billion litres of water.

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria has however objected the move and has vowed to take Wairagu to court this Friday.

Water and Sanitation PS Joseph Wairagu Irungu (Left) and Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria have differed over use of Ndaka-ini dam water.

“I want Wairagu to tell me through the court why Murang’a residents are being denied Ndaka-ini water. Why are they not given a share of revenue from the dam?” Wa Iria posed.

He said Murang’a people are viewed as lesser citizens, forced to drink salty borehole water that is causing browning of teeth. Some source in areas dead animals have been buried.

Water and Sanitation Permanent Secretary Joseph Wairagu Irungu sinking boreholes in Murang’a.

“Every weekend Wairagu comes to Murang’a town to drink alcohol. He sinks a borehole. If he want to give us water let him give us the clean Ndaka-ini water. We want a public forum. If locals accept to take borehole water, we will accept.

Wa Iria accuses Wairagu of using police force to intimidate wananchi demanding the right of national resource in their locality.


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