Ndaka-ini dam in Murang'a County. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kigumo Member of Parliament Wangari Mwaniki has revived the Ndaka-ini dam contentious debate.

The dam in Murang’a county has capacity of 70 billion litres of water and is the major source of water for the capital city, supplying about 525 million litres of water daily.

However, most of Murang’a people have been left without piped water despite the dam sitting there and largely in Kigumo.

Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki

“Ndakaini-Dam which sits at the border of Kigumo and Gatanga constituency is full to capacity. Three quarters of the dam is in Kigumo Constituency yet Kīgumo has no water, Kigumo hardly get even a salutation in matters Ndaka-ini. Ukweli usemwe. Kigumo Iheshimiwe. Nihayotu Kwasasa” she lamented.

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Her cry comes four months after Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria slammed Water and Sanitation Permanent Secretary Joseph Wairagu for drilling boreholes for residents neighbouring the dam.

Old man in Kiharu, Murang’a carrying water from the river.

“I want Wairagu to tell me through the court why Murang’a residents are being denied Ndaka-ini water. Why are they not given a share of revenue from the dam?” Wa Iria said in August.

He said Murang’a people are viewed as lesser citizens, forced to drink salty borehole water that is causing browning of their teeth.


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