Murang’a man’s friendship with stinging bees baffles

Gathuka walks around with thousands of bees resting on his body and it's not witchcraft

Francis Gathuka posing with bees resting on him

Francis Gathuka, 26 a casual labourer in Murang’a County loves bees and the lethal insects love him much that their relationship is viewed suspiciously.

Gathuka from Muthithi Village in Kigumo walks around with thousands of bees resting on his body. And this he says is not witchcraft as perceived.

He earns a living by enticing them from areas they are a nuisance. And when angered he “sends” on revenge mission. While he was 15 years, with fellow boys they provoked bees that stung his friends mercilessly but he was spared. Subsequent incidences proved to him bees love him.

People mob him to see him play with bees

He charges between Sh500 and Sh3, 000 to take the away from people’s properties or to their beehives. “Within 10 minutes I am done taking them or dropping them into beehives. In a month I get dozen requests but many are struggling clients. I charge them Sh500 or do it for free” he says.

“When I want to drop them I just stand near a beehive, building or tree they understand it is time to leave” says Gathuka

In 2016 a bar owner at Muthithi centre slapped him after an altercation. He went for the bees that staged “occupy bar” for entire day as customers run away. He begged and paid Gathuka Sh3, 000 to take them away.

“Again I walked in, they perched on my body and off we went leaving spectators awed” says Gathuka. He says if he wishes he can ‘grab’ all bees in the village or division and “Sell them, go for them and sell to another person then go for them again and they can’t have grounds to sue me”.

Muthithi Shopping Centre in Kigumo, Murang’a where Gathuka hails from


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