Mukurweini CDF Chairman Charles Njimu Kaiya.

Mukurweini Constituency Development Fund boss Charles Njimu Kaiya is sleeping around with a married woman and now the secret has leaked, he has gone into hiding with her.

Kaiya is a family man with three children but he snatched away somebody’s wife identified as Lucy who is a mother of three children.

Simon Mwangi is Lucy’s husband. For days Kaiya has sinned with Mwangi’s wife and he only suspected it but did not have evidence until a communication between Kaiya and Lucy leaked. The two lovers have switched off their phones and their whereabouts is unknown.

Whatsapp communication between Kaiya and Lucy.

“Mwangi was suspicious of her but was not sure who she was sleeping around with until love and naughty Whatsapp messages between the two lovebirds leaked” a source hinted.

Mwangi who wants his wife back is planning to stage a protest to the chairman’s office.

Whatsapp messages between Kaiya and Lucy.

In one instance Kaiya is telling Lucy he is feeling cold, wondering why she did not come as they discussed. He tells her how he planned to sexually satisfy her.

They also discussed how Lucy fooled her husband, cooked for him before running away to meet Kaiya.


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