Nicholas Muchemi when he invited to ABC Bank offices. [Photo: Courtesy]

ABC Bank is the latest organisation to reward Nicholas Muchemi, the 45-year-old casual labourer from Kiharu in Murang’a who volunteered to dig out a 1.5 Km public road in Kaganda village.

Muchemi with a jembe and spade single-handedly turned a bushy, hilly area into a road, prompted by pains locals and school children went through to access Kaganda shopping centre.

Nicholas Muchemi when we carved the 1.5 kilometre road in Kaganda village. [Photo: Courtesy]
A resident had closed an earlier road he claimed was part of his land. Locals trekked four kilometres to access the shopping centre but Muchemi halved the route after he build the new road that even area MCA declined to sort out. Kenyans praised his selflessness after his work was publicised.

Piped clean water was connected to Muchemi’s home by government last week.

ABC bank today offered him a cow and promised to buy cow feeds for six months in addition to enlisting him in a sacco where he will save his earnings.

Last week Water and Sanitation PS Joseph Wairagu facilitated connection of water to his home and because of his heroic act other residents will have clean tap water connected to their homes.

Well-wishers gave him a cow. [Photo: Courtesy]
TopMark Feeds Limited based in Murang’a offered him bags of cow feeds while Rhino Mabati Company gave iron sheets for his cow shed.

Rhino Mabati Company gave iron sheets.

He was aslso given a cow by well-wishers and there are to giev him another and some household items. And already a quotation has been done to connect electricity to Muchemi’s home.


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