Rich investor was attacked by snake and jogoo while young

Jogoo was slaughtered after he was discharged from hospital.

Optiven Group CEO George Wachiuri

Optiven Group CEO George Wachiuri’s past is story of overpowering poverty and weirdly having been attacked to near death by a snake and a cockerel.

Wachiuri had to fight for his life after the unfortunate, peculiar attacks. Today he describes himself as a “Soaring high like an eagle”.

Optiven is a real estate the Nyeri-born investor established in 1997 but it took him 10 years to make profit. Today the millionaire in his mid-40s is one of the notable investors in real estate sector.

He was about to sweep the house when puff adder attacked him and were it not for local headmaster who rushed him to Nyeri District Hospital (Now Nyeri Provincial Hospital) in his car, he probably would not have made it. He spent three weeks in hospital bed.

“I heard hissing sound of puff adder but I couldn’t locate where it emanated from. I didn’t have time to escape. The searing bite was like a needle forced through my skin” he recalls.

George wachiuri while in Secondary school and today as owner of real-estate Company Optiven Group

Months later he was back in this hospital after jogoo nearly gouged out his eyes. He was cleaning dishes outside when he shoved away a chicken bothering him but the cockerel he says “Couldn’t understand why I had to touch his girl” attacked him.

He remembers; “Without a warning, he (jogoo) dashed from where he was and went for my face. I was only lucky that it was my side of the face left open to him; that fellow would have gouged my eyes”. It was slaughtered two days later after he was discharged from hospital.

Wachiuri and his siblings lost their father in 1978 but with their widowed mother they struggled to live. At one time he aspired to become a priest. While a teenager he sold onions for living and washed clothes for his fellow students for a fee.

In 2014/15 edition of Top 100 mid-sized companies Optiven was ranked top and also the best real estate company in the mid-sized category.


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