Mighty Salim: I am yet to accept my brother died

"I loved him so much. Sometimes while performing i break down into tears but fans never get to know it"

Mighty Salim.

Three years after death of popular Mugithi artist Salim Junior, his younger brother Mighty Salim is yet to come to terms with the loss.

The revered one-man guitar musician renowned for his spectacular style of remixing Kikuyu secular and gospel songs succumbed to chest complications on January 23, 2016.

Mighty Salim who walked on his footsteps and shared show platforms with him says he was the most affected by his sudden death that he gets emotional while on stage whenever he remembers him.

Late Salim Junior.

“Years on I am yet to accept that Salim Junior passed away. I have kept this pain to myself but those close me know it however much I try to conceal it” he reveals.

“We went through hard times as a family and especially me. Coming to terms with truth that I will never see my brother again is hard for me to accept. I loved him so much. We were a formidable team whenever we performed together. I am indebted to him. He was much better than me and though I might not fit in his shoes I will keep his legacy” he says.

Salim Junior burial at Subukia.

An emotional mighty told Gikuyu Bulletin many are the times while performing he breaks down into tears but fans never get to know it. Before closing his show he pays tribute to him and other notable musicians who have passed on.


  1. Comment:why would someone plan to kill him or herself while others request God to make them live long…i wish salim kuld live long


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