Bush in Makwa Village where drunkards sleep, boozing chang'aa.

War on illicit brew in parts of Kiambu county has not been a success as some drinkers have turned to sleeping in the bushes for months near the chang’aa breweries wasting their lives.

In Makwa village, Gatundu North chang’aa is an order of the day. Men who partake it have relocated to the Chania river where they sleep in the caves and spend their lives drinking.

Chang’aa brewed in Gatundu North along Chania River.

According to residents, dozens have denied in those valleys and those who have made it out after months of binging come back rugged, smelly and full of jiggers.

Alcoholism has turned the village into a sorry state. Farmers lose their domestic animals to drunkards who steal and sell to sustain their drinking habits.

Makwa shopping centre in Gatundu North.

“Some drunkards have lived near the Chania river for over five months. Relatives can’t tell where they are. They think they died but when they come out they are in a very pathetic state” a resident said. (Watch full story)


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