Nairobi County running into deficit MCAs warn

City Hall.

Nairobi MCAs warn county will not be able to raise revenue for development if pilferage in county treasury is not stopped. They say soon the county will not have money for development but to pay salaries only.

Last year expenditure on salaries crossed the 60 percent mark of Nairobi’s total revenues. Nairobi with a budget of Sh32 billion spends over Sh10.4 billion on salaries every year.

Kayole South MCA Fredrick Okeyo claimed City Hall has been doing poorly in revenue collection.

“The County had collected Sh2.9 billion as at the end of November. The projection up to end of December was to be Sh3.4 billion. If you do that arithmetic in terms of percentage, you will note that we doing very poor and it is below 20 percent” Okeyo said.

Nairobi County Assembly.

“As at 20 percent it is a disgrace to the County as a whole being a County that we are proud of and we control 60 percent of GDP it is a disgrace. We need to wake up as a County so that we can put our resources because budget is not about expenditure we have to look at the revenue” he urged.

Finance and Budget Vice Chairman Patrick Karani said City Hall will run into deficit because revenues collected is diverted elsewhere.

“People at lower levels collect money and it is not being banked. We must rise up as leaders and we do proper oversight because we have cases on the other side where money is collected and it is not banked” Karani stated.


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