Mbugua fights for Toyota Harrier left by Wambui Otieno

Peter Mbugua wants to have a Toyota Harrier in Wambui's will.

Peter Mbugua who married late Wambui Otieno in 2003 before remarrying two months ago is now fighting to have a Toyota Harrier in the late politician’s will.

Mbugua says he will not take a Toyota G-Touring he terms a cheap car. He claims Wambui promised him a Toyota Harrier and purportedly indicated that in her will.

Peter Mbugua when he married an older Wambui Otieno (Deceased) in 2003. [Photo: Courtesy]
Mbugua was a stonemason aged 29 in 2003 when he married then 67-year-old Wambui, wife of late prominent lawyer SM Otieno. The marriage was the talk of town.

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Wambui died in 2011 and afterwards Mbugua was kicked out of their Karen home by her daughters who are older than Mbugua.

Type of Toyota G-Touring that Mbugua is being given but says is cheap. He instead wants a Toyota Harrier.

Mbugua has now filed a case at Milimani Courts demanding to have the posh car he claims was registered under his name but was taken by one of Wambui’s daughter.

“The deceased did not have the mental capacity to know what she was doing at the time of making the will due to illness,” Mbugua states in court documents.

Late Wambui Otieno and her late husband Silviano Melea (SM) Otieno.

He claims that the will was skewed so he could get the Toyota Station Wagon instead of a snobbish Harrier.


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