One of descendants of Hiti posing near their school's signpost.

Mbari Ya Hiti (Hyena’s Clan) in Kahuro, Murang’a County has denounced the lustful Team Mafisi that perceives them as their members.

Samuel Macharia, a descendant of Hiti says their respectable clan should not be related with the breed of lecherous men who salivate for women.

Illustration of Team Mafisi.

“We are equated with Mafisi but they should know we are not part of them. Even two years ago some people took to Facebook to celebrate us as their followers. Ours has reputable history even if we share a name with them” says Macharia.

Mbari ya Hiti Primary school.

He says their Mbari ya Hiti Primary School is ridiculed and some girls even refuse to interact with them because of the name and its current connotation.

Peter Nyaga, 99 and grandson of Hiti says their clan is over 100 years old and has no traits of lustfulness so should not be compared with “Team Mafisi”.

Mzee Peter Nyaga a grandson of Hiti.

He says Hiti was their forefather and was a schemer of a kind. This they suspect gave him this name not common amongst Kikuyus.

However, none of his siblings was named “Hiti”. Nyaga says it is not clear why it was dropped but their ancestors opted it to remain the clan’s name.

Mbari ya Hiti Shopping Centre.

The clan occupies whole entire village and has a primary school, shopping centre, coffee factory and a Catholic church.


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