Mau forest evictions forces man to return Murang’a 51 years later

Francis Muthua Chege after he returned home in Murang'a. [Photo: Nation]

Evictions going on in Mau forest forced a man who had run from his village in Murang’a for 51 years return albeit confused.

Francis Muthua Chege, 81 left wife Wanjiru Muthua and six children in his home at Ikumbi village, Kigumo in 1968. They never heard or saw him again until this month he came back, old and rugged.

He left to look for livelihood. He went to Kisii, Narok, Kilgoris towns and finally settled in Mau forest where he was burning charcoal.

Francis Muthua Chege with his wife Wanjiru he left for 51 years. [Photo: Nation]
He remarried and had a son but he resulted to drinking all his income from charcoal business.

He was given fare at Kilgoris Police Station to return home. He could not even remember his home but was assisted by a resident who spotted him stranded on the road.

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A huge feast was held to welcome him back. A goat slaughtered and neighbours joined in the bash.

Francis Muthua Chege’s family, neighbours and friends held a bash to celebrate his return. [Photo: Nation]
Apparently Wanjiru’s prayers were answered. “My only option was to leave his whereabouts to God, pray for his protection and hope that one day he would show up” she said.


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