Matiba family, lawyer fight over Sh1 billion compensation

Lawyer John Mburu (Left) and Late Kenneth Matiba (right). [Photo: Courtesy]

A city lawyer John Mburu and the family of late veteran politician Kenneth Matiba are embroiled in a fight over more than Sh1 billion compensation that has prompted The High Court to stop further payments to the family.

Mburu filed a suit at High Court because he was not involved in disbursement of the money yet he is the one who successfully prosecuted the case that saw Matiba in August 2017 awarded Sh978 million compensation over his detention and torture by KANU government in 1990.

In addition, the High Court also awarded Matiba Sh15 million in damages and for violations suffered, and another Sh18.1 million for medical expenses. In total the compensation amounted to Sh1.01 billion but this has gone up because of interests.

Matiba’s children Raymond Matiba and Ivy Matiba at a past media briefing. [Photo: Courtesy]
Mburu was annoyed that the money had been partially disbursed to the family without his knowledge. The first Sh200 million was paid in April and about Sh500 million was to be paid in June.

compensation to matiba amounted to sh1.01 billion

Mburu has been demanding Sh202 million payment. Through his lawyer Nicholas Ombija told the court that government was paying the money secretly disregarding his advocate’s role of determining who was the rightful beneficiary of late Matiba’s money.


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