Mathwiti boy releases song on the incident

Fun galore after Mbugua received presents and bike. [Photo: Courtesy]

Days after James Mbugua, the boy who was ejected from a birthday party five years ago was given a treat last month, he has turned the incident into a song.

Mbugua now going by stage name “Young Mbugua” has released a song; “Mathwiti” talking about the touching incident.

His story came to the limelight after a five-year-old video of Mbugua, then a small innocent boy narrating how he was kicked out of the birthday party near his home in Ndumberi, Kiambu County because he was untidy was released on social media. The event he missed had plentiful of sweets (Mathwiti), cakes (Makeki) and juice.

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The now a big boy under care of his grandmother was given a surprise birthday treat by well-wishers on February 19. And besides his boyhood wish he has a new song.


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