Margaret Kenyatta’s office has not paid musician since 2013

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta (left) and singer Kwame Rigii (Right). [Photo: Courtesy]

Musician Kwame Rigii was contracted by the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta to compose a song for the Beyond Zero Campaigns in 2013 but six years later he has not been paid.

Kwame did “Wajali” song in collaboration with popular multi-instrumentalist singer James Gogo. Margaret Kenyatta was featured. It was meant for World Aids Day that was held in Mombasa on December 1, 2013.

Kwame, the contemporary Gikuyu music genre singer of the hit songs “Mwene Nyaga”, “Ni Ngwendete” and “Maceraga” revealed his patience today and asked his fans to advice.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta featured in the song “Wajali”.

“Gava hulipa bills kweli? What do you do when the guy who owes you money dies? I guess this is it, my closure” he posted on his Facebook page.

He accompanied the post with photo he took with the First Lady saying; “Coolest pic I have, but unfortunately, this is all that came out of that project. I never got paid for my work”. (Watch the Song Below).

In a past interview he said he was approached for the song when he was working on a Kikuyu rendition of “If Tomorrow Never Comes” his producer being the late Bruce Odhiambo who was close to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It was to headline Margaret’s campaign on HIV. He did the reggae vibe song but since then the big office went silent.


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